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Combining the world’s #1 USB mic with the leading podcasting software, our podcasting bundles are custom-made for podcasters.


+ Hindenburg®

Yeti Podcaster combines the best-selling Yeti USB microphone with Hindenburg® Journalist—an innovative audio workstation custom-made for podcasters. Get everything you need to make professional-level podcasts, all in one package. Journalist (095 value) helps you sound your best thanks to automatic level adjustments and intelligent EQ that automatically delivers that “radio voice”. Yeti Podcaster is the world’s first combination of hardware and software made specifically for the needs of the podcasting community.

Terms & Conditions

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Bundle Video Game Download/Coupon Redemption
Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply if you have purchased a bundle of products consisting of a microphone specified by Blue Microphones combined with one of the following: (a) a named video game offered by the publisher/owner of that video game (“Game Owner”) that can be downloaded from the Game Owner’s site using a code included in the bundle (“Download Code”), or (b) a discount coupon (“Coupon”) for purchase of a video game from a Game Owner (each of the foregoing bundles, an “Eligible Product”).

Video game Download Codes or Coupons may be redeemed only with purchase of the applicable Eligible Product. Download Codes or Coupons may be redeemed one (1) time per Eligible Product purchased.

Redemption of a Download Code or Coupon is subject to your acceptance of the terms and conditions presented to you on the Game Owner site at the time of redemption, including without limitation age restrictions imposed by applicable video game rating agencies. Redemption of a Download Code or Coupon may require account registration/activation, and/or good standing on the Game Owner site. Download Codes and Coupons may not be redeemed for cash and/or cash equivalents, and are not subject to substitution, exchange, or refund as a standalone product. Redemption of Coupons may require a minimum purchase amount as determined by the Game Owner. All returns or exchanges of the Eligible Product are subject to the return policy of the retailer at the point of purchase.

The Download Code or Coupon must be redeemed (i.e. downloaded and account activated if required) no later than the date indicated on the box of the Eligible Product, unless the redemption period is extended by the Game Owner at its sole discretion.

Questions related to redemption of the Download Code or Coupon will be resolved by the Game Owner in its sole discretion, and the Game Owner’s decisions will be final and binding for both parties.

©2018 Logitech. Logitech, Logi, Blue Microphones, and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Logitech Europe S.A. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks and their respective logos are the property of the respective Game Owners.