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Premium USB Microphones

Whether you’re capturing dictation for clinical records, conducting remote patient conferences, language therapy, recording narration for instructional videos or myriad other applications, Blue microphones are essential tools for capturing audio quickly and accurately. Blue Snowball iCE, Snowball and Yeti mics are all Nuance-certified for Dragon Dictation. So whatever your application, there’s a Blue mic that’ll help you get amazing sound, direct to your computer.

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Blue mics work perfectly with virtually any online communications service including Skype, GoToMeeting, UberConference, and BlueJeans.

snowball iCE

Voice, Skype

Quality and simplicity at an economical price point

  • Custom condenser capsule that’s light-years ahead of built-in laptop mics
  • Record speech, create podcasts and add narration to YouTube videos
  • Skype® certified for crystal-clear communications
  • Desktop stand included
  • PC & Mac compatible—no drivers to install
KR 699.00
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Vocals, Music, Multimedia

Studio-quality sound with a flexible feature set

  • Unique sophisticated design and legendary Blue sound quality
  • Two high-quality capsules enable multiple mic settings
  • Perfect for clinical documentation, podcasts, YouTube narration
  • Desktop stand included
  • PC & Mac compatible—no drivers to install
KR 899.00
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World’s #1 USB Microphone

Versatile, professional USB mic for any recording or streaming setup

  • Four selectable onboard patterns (stereo, mono-cardioid, omni, bi-directional) for incredible versatility
  • Headphone jack with volume control for direct monitoring
  • Professional-grade styling with angle-adjustable head
  • Adjustable mic gain control, convenient mute button
  • Metal construction for durability
  • Desktop stand included
  • PC & Mac compatible—no drivers to install
KR 1499.00
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For PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad

The ultimate USB mobile microphone for iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC

  • Pristine sound quality
  • Headphone jack with volume control for direct monitoring
  • Integrated collapsible stand
  • Mic level and Mute control
  • USB and iOS cables included for connecting to laptop or phone/tablet
  • Soft-suede carrying pouch included
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enCore Microphones

For presentations, press conferences, special events and more, Blue’s enCORE handheld microphones offer studio-quality reproduction and tank-tough reliability with unprecedented clarity, detail and headroom. In short, enCORE is the stage mic that speaks like a studio mic.

enCore 100

Dynamic Vocal Mic

A dynamic handheld mic with natural and detailed sound

KR 1292.24
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enCore 100i

Dynamic Instrument Mic

A dynamic instrument mic with warm, smooth tone

KR 1163.00
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enCore 200

Phantom-Powered Dynamic Mic


KR 1938.41
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enCore 300

Handheld Condenser Mic

A premium vocal condenser microphone

KR 2584.60
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Blue Headphones

Blue offers six unique headphone models that bring the sonic truth to your ears. Whether you listen to MP3’s, lossless music, vinyl, or Spotify, Blue lets you hear more in your favorite music.



A studio-grade headphone with unmatched depth, clarity and power

KR 3876.96
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Next-Gen Sound for Laptops and Phones

Premium wireless noise-cancelling headphones with an audiophile amp

KR 3876.96
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Planar Magnetic Headphone

A planar-magnetic headphone with a built-in audiophile amp

KR 9046.40
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