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The secret to a good Podcast, Twitch, or YouTube stream is—drumroll please—solid audio...The go-to mic for those in the know (that won’t break the bank) is Blue’s Yeti.

– PC World

“This microphone puts you one step closer to YouTube stardom.”

– Men's Health on Nessie

Voice recording fidelity that many podcasters would be wise to aspire to.”

– GameRant on Snowball

Perfect for a home-recording setup

– PC Mag on Yeti

Improve the quality of your podcasts with this stylish USB microphone

– Tech Radar on Snowball

The Snowball has stood as the standard for many podcasters.

– The Next web

Whenever podcasters gather (often at sci-fi or technology conventions, for example), it is not usual to see tables full of MacBooks and Blue Snowball or Yeti mics in use -- its as close to a standard as non-pro podcasters get.

– MacNN

[Short version] its as close to a standard as non-pro podcasters get.

– MacNN on Snowball


En estos últimos años los podcasts se han convertido en la nueva plataforma más popular para las narraciones, compartir ideas, y construir comunidades. Nos honra ser capaces de dar soporte a individuos y organizaciones que están creando los programas que nos atraen, informan e inspiran.

Visite el Podquest de Radiotopia

Great for musicians, singers, podcasters, or just a really silky-sounding Google hang.”

– Yeti

extremely popular among podcasters, at-home audio pros, and generally well loved

– Lifehacker on Snowball

Both beginners and professionals share the need for a simple and easy auxiliary microphone; Nessie is the product you have been looking for!

– Videomaker Magazine

After you’re done live streaming on Twitch, you can do some voice over work for your YouTube videos, host a podcast…

– GameCrate on Yeti

If you’re into music, podcasts, voice over or just about anything you want to record then look no further than the Blue Yeti USB mic

– Geek Invaders

For the mobile musician, podcaster, or voiceover artist, this is going to be a great portable tool.”

– 9 to 5 Mac on Spark Digital

Blue’s Snowball is a great choice for recording spoken word and music, and makes a great addition to any recording studio

– professional or home. (Mac Observer)