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Terry Jackson

When Terry Jackson works with music’s most celebrated artists, he brings two things—decades of experience, and his collection of Blue mics. After years of capturing iconic performances from Earth, Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, BB King and more, Terry has perfected how to deliver true sound for truly unique artists. And with the Blue Hummingbird, Dragonfly, and enCORE mics in his toolkit, inspiring great performances is just another day at the office. Plus, when he’s mixing and mastering tracks on the road for TV and broadcast, the only headphones Terry trusts is Blue Mo-Fi.

How do you like the Blue Hummingbird?

The Blue Hummingbird is my main microphone onstage—I use 12 of them! The sound is so consistent, even temperature changes don’t affect the performance. Plus, they’re small enough to put in a flight bag without getting hassled by TSA.

What about the Blue enCORE series?

From the second you see, touch and hear the mics, you know they’re quality. The enCORE series mics sound consistently good with a variety of sound systems. They have high output and rugged construction. All that, plus everyone I work with is happy with the sound—that’s what I need on the road.

What are your thoughts on Blue Mo-Fi?

They’re the bomb! I’m always impressed. Listening with Mo-Fi, I can hear every tone of every instrument. And when I mix music on the road, I get the same sound as studio speakers—they give me the sound I trust. I’m proud to have them on my head.