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Ron Reeser

With a discography that boasts musical A-listers such as Adele, Deadmau5, Maroon 5, and Steve Aoki, Ron Reeser has remained a staple of the US, UK and Billboard charts. Reeser has used Blue Mo-Fi to mix, reference and perform his latest creations in ways that are impossible with other headphones. As he continues to push the envelope with artists such as Krewella and Chromeo, one thing is for certain—his trusted Blue Mo-Fi will be there to inspire whatever comes next.

Where do you use Blue headphones?

I use them both in studio and on the road. When I’m referencing a mix, I’ll A/B from my Genelec Monitors to headphones. I recently started taking Blue headphones to shows, and I really like the amp boost feature. It’s really handy in loud environments.

How have Blue headphones helped you hear new details in your music?

Recently I’ve been using them to compare mixes in the studio to help gauge levels of projects I’m currently working on. I can hear the full spectrum of the songs, which is helpful to fine-tuning those details in the mix.

How do Blue headphones help you make better music?

Blue headphones allow me to hear all the elements in a song at both lower and higher levels clearly. By being able to do that, I can make the adjustments needed to a mix and make sure the song output is consistent with what I'm hearing out of the main speakers in the studio.

Any comment on the comfort and Isolation?

Blue headphones are well-padded and comfortable around my ears. I really like how the swivel design and adjustable head piece keep the headphones on my head. The isolation factor is also spot on. It does a great job of eliminating any additional ambiance or noise outside of the listening experience.