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Naomi Kyle

Naomi Kyle’s world is one of rapid-fire content creation, hi-tech gaming technology and colorful media personalities. Whether she’s hosting the award-winning IGN series, Daily Fix, or streaming her Gameloft podcast, Naomi needs her unique voice and personality to cut through the static. To do that, she uses Blue mics every step of the way. We met up with Naomi in studio to share stories and ask questions about her process.

What’s your favorite Blue studio story?

One time I recorded some voiceover lines using a Snowball, and I tried the “hide under the bed sheets” trick. To my amazement, the sound quality was close to that of a studio! I barely paid attention to my proximity to the mic when I was recording, but the next day I received the biggest compliment from a major voice actor about the quality of my recording. I couldn't believe it!

What are your top 5 tips for getting better podcast audio?

1. When recording a show in any format you want it to come across as natural and as if the person is sitting right there with you. It’s important for immersion and believability.
2. If a recording has even the slightest nasal quality, captures loud background tone, or has any loud feedback issues or sensitivity, it can completely ruin a listener's experience.
3. The smoother and more controlled the sound, the better the experience. That’s the ultimate goal of any good content producer.
4. Learn all the ins and outs of your microphone as best you can. You might be missing out on an amazing feature that can change the entire game for you.
5. Maintaining and getting the most out your microphone is key to capturing the best sound consistently.