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Art Alexakis (Everclear)


Emerging from the early 90’s alt-rock scene, Art Alexakis of Everclear firmly planted his flag in music history with a unique brand of emotionally raw and daring songwriting. Over the years, Alexakis has been known as a prolific songwriter, voracious performer, and inspired producer. But amidst a nearly thirty-year career in music, one thing remains the same—he never stops creating and hearing music in ways that defy convention.


Alexakis uses enCORE series mics to drive his immense guitar presence onstage and in studio. On their latest album, Black is the New Black, Everclear used enCORE mics to showcase the range of their guitar playing—from gargantuan riffs to thoughtful, intricate picking.

“All the guitars on the new record were recorded with enCORE mics,” says Alexakis. “I like hearing a broad range of tones from my guitars, and Blue mics give me more of what I’m looking for. I love enCORE mics on guitar—they help us deliver the sound that our fans come out to hear.”


For vocals, Alexakis experimented with Bottle, Woodpecker and other Blue studio mics to capture exceptional vocals that suited the emotion of each song. “Over the years I’ve used just about every kind of mic, and I know what sounds good on my vocals,” shares Alexakis. “I’ve been very happy using the Blue Bottle B6 and B0 caps on my records, TV and other projects. They help me recreate the sounds I hear in my head.”

And when it’s time to monitor tracks or listen to his favorite music, Alexakis turns to Blue Mo-Fi headphones to hear every shimmering detail. “I can hear things in Blue headphones that I can’t hear in the monitors,” he relates. “These headphones are different than anything I have ever experienced. They’re so comfortable, I don’t even know they’re there.”