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DJ Rap

As an electro music icon, DJ Rap pioneered the role of women in modern music. As founder of the Music Tech Collective, she continues to empower talented upstarts with lessons regarding music production, performance art, and tips for navigating the music industry. And with her every step of the way is Blue. DJ Rap uses Blue Mo-Fi headphones to craft intricate, nuanced mixes in studio, as well as educate others about premium high-fidelity sound. She also brings her sound and unique vocal character to life with Bottle Rocket Stage One.

How do Blue Mo-Fi compare to other headphones?

I’ve tested every headphone in the world, and Blue Mo-Fi are far superior. They’re simply the best.

Have Mo-Fi influenced your music making?

Blue Mo-Fi are in my studio, and I love using them. They give me overall better mixes and clarity. Plus, Mo-Fi clears up all the frequencies—from high-end sibilance, all the way to sub-bass frequencies. When working on music, I wouldn’t use any other headphone.

Do you use any other Blue gear?

Yeah, Bottle Rocket Stage One. It captures every nuance of my voice and looks sleek in the studio. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s serious about vocal quality.