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Derek Steinman

Derek Steinman has made a name for himself as a standout live sound engineer by ensuring larger-than-life audio night after night, under grueling road-dog conditions. With over 100 shows per year under his belt, Steinman trusts Blue gear to deliver powerful, nuanced sound for Everclear, American Hi-fi, Summerland Festival bands and more.

During concerts, Steinman monitors the front of house with Mo-Fi headphones—mixing instruments and vocals to create landmark performances. And when he’s back in the studio, Steinman uses Blue Bottle, Blueberry and Woodpecker to experiment with new sounds and develop unique tones.

What do you like about Mo-Fi?

I mix FOH with Mo-Fi all the time. They’re warm, clear, and the depth is amazing. And when I’m recording in the studio, Mo-Fi really helps me hear what I’m tracking. The recordings come out great.

Why do you use enCORE mics on stage?

When I put up mics for a show, I need to know they’ll work every time. My Blue enCORE mics stand up to over 100 shows a year! All the bands I work with are happy with the sound of Blue mics. The guitars are full and detailed, bass sounds fat and punchy, and the snare sound is huge. Even other engineers on tour comment on how amazing Blue enCORE mics sound.