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Christian Burns

For most of us, attaining world-renowned success as a UK pop icon would be enough—not for Christian Burns. After co-founding and gaining prominence through his band, BBMak, Burns started recording with high-profile artists such as Tiësto, Benni Benassi, BT and more. Now, as one of the most celebrated and sought-after vocalists in music, he keeps looking for ways to propel his sound to the next level.

We caught up with Christian recently to find out why he uses Blue mics and headphones to fuel his creativity.

Which Blue microphones are you using?

I’m using the Blue Bottle Rocket Stage One right now, along with an array of different Bottle Caps. The sound I get from this mic is incredible, and with the different interchangeable mic capsules, I’ll never need another vocal microphone again!

In your opinion, who should check out Blue mics?

There’s a Blue mic for everybody and every single type of recording. From budget home studios to huge professional studios, these mics are nothing short of amazing. Everybody needs to check them out.

How have Blue mics helped you in the studio?

In the studio, I record all my own vocals. The convenience of being able to easily swap the mic capsules on my Bottle Rocket Stage One saves me a lot of time while recording. When I’m being creative, it’s important to work quickly—I want to get the sound I want fast without losing the flow of creativity.

The detail I get from Blue mics is greater than anything I’ve ever used in the studio. I’ve been making music professionally for over 20 years now and I’ve tried them all, but nothing comes close to Blue. They are built like tanks and I swear that they sprinkle Unicorn dust inside when they make them in California.

Everybody who comes to my studio and hears the mics in action immediately goes and gets one. They really are THAT good—it’s happened the last three times! I even did some in depth A/B blind tests with my other mics and various producers—Blue mics come out on top every time.

What’s your overall impression of Blue headphones?

The sound is incredible—clear top end and very deep bass. Listening to music on them is a beautiful experience.

How do Blue headphones help you hear new details in your music?

When I’m on the road, I do a lot of work on my laptop. I’m now able to get really good mixes instead of having to wait until I get back to my studio. Because I can hear every sonic detail on my Blue headphones, I can confidently mix with amazing results.

I love the comfort. They really are superior to any other headphones I have ever used. I can wear them for hours without sound fatigue or discomfort. And I love that they are LOUD if you want them to be!