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Billy Bush

Producer and engineer Billy Bush works with indie music icons such as The Naked and Famous, Garbage, and Neon Trees to develop breakthrough works of self-expression. His constant pursuit to find new ways to record without limitations brought him to Blue. When he’s recording at his own Red Razor Sounds Studio in Atwater Village, Bush turns to Blue Bottle, Mouse and Dragonfly to blend modern tones with vintage vibes and innovate forward-thinking recording methods.

What do you think of the Blue Bottle?

The Bottle is a great example of how Blue thinks outside the box. It gives me many options straight off the bat, so I can find what I want very quickly. And I know everything I record through it will sound great. It’s a very special microphone.

Which other Blue mics do you use?

I really like the Dragonfly as well. It flatters all sorts of sound sources, especially vocals, acoustics and drums. And Dragonfly lets me record in different positions without having to reconfigure everything—it’s such a great mic.

I also use the Blue Mouse, which has made its way on to every record I’ve ever done. It’s my absolute go-to bass mic. When I put the Mouse on a cabinet, I know it’s going to make it sound good.

How do Blue mics help you solve problems?

Blue mics like Dragonfly and Mouse solve the problems of mic placement by letting me swivel the head and capture the sound exactly the way I want. And each mic serves as a creative option. Sonically they’re very flattering and unique-sounding microphones.

Sometimes that first thing you record is where the magic is, and you can never recreate it. I like mics that I can leave up, and know that whatever I put through them will sound great. That’s why I love Blue mics.