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Experience the creative freedom of an entire mic locker—in a single microphone. With the iconic Blue Interchangeable Capsule Series, you can capture big vintage vibes, soaring vocal tones, detailed accurate reproduction, and modern sounds without taking the mic off the stand. Just hot swap the capsule head and you’ve got a brand-new mic to perfectly match your sound source. Every time.

The Soul of Creativity


At Blue, we forge mics from the belief that microphones are essential to the creative process. We think that microphones do more than accurately record your performance—they inspire something new. The Interchangeable Capsule Series embodies our commitment to being unique, bold, and creative—just like you.

Choose Your Bottle

Two Amazing Mic Platforms

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From Modern To Vintage.
And Back Again.

Bottle and Bottle Rocket Stage One are at the heart of the Interchangeable Capsule Series, offering unparalleled sound quality and performance. The flagship Bottle Class A tube microphone features a warm and modern circuit that delivers soulful response and larger-than-life reproduction. The Bottle Rocket Stage One FET condenser delivers exceptional sonic clarity to capture the nuance of any performance. Both mics are compatible with Blue’s interchangeable Bottle Caps mic capsules, so you can build a custom microphone platform tailored to your creative style.

Bottle Caps

Interchangeable Mic Capsules

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Mic Capsules with Character

The Bottle Cap Series offers an unprecedented creative palette for Bottle and Bottle Rocket Stage One mics. Inspired by the most coveted mics in recording history and forged for modern applications, the Bottle Caps embrace the past to define the future. The series delivers an extraordinary variety of timbres and polar patterns—with options ranging from vintage to modern—forming a world-class collection that would cost tens of thousands of dollars to obtain with individual mics. Capture the unique soul of your voice or instrument—without resorting to “fixing it in the mix” with plug-ins.

Bottle Mic Lockers

Mic and Capsule Collections

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Perfect Sound for Every Performance

The Bottle Mic Locker and Bottle Rocket Mic Locker give you the creative versatility to walk into any session and match the ideal microphone to a specific performance. The Bottle Mic Locker and Bottle Rocket Mic Locker each come with four distinctive Bottle Caps, each delivering its own unique sonic inspiration. The B0 gives you a superior bright, silky tone perfect for vocals. The B6 offers crisp “modern presence” for larger-than-life vocals, piano, percussion and more. Go back in time with the B7 for big vintage tube tones. B8 provides excellent detail for a wide range of recording applications. And with a family of additional Bottle Caps to choose from, you can easily expand your sonic collection.

Premium Design

Hand-Built in the USA

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Iconic Sound. For a Lifetime.

Microphone selection is a critical element to building a great studio and making great music. And we know musicians, engineers and producers expect their microphones to work as hard as they do. That’s why each Interchangeable Capsule Series microphone is hand-built with premium components in the USA—so you can enjoy a lifetime of iconic sound.

"Bottle findes overalt på vores plade."

—Dan Reynolds, Imagine Dragons

"Lyder perfekt."

—KC Porter

“Hver komponent i Bottle er den bedste tilgængelige”

Richard Patrick


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Flagship Tube Microphone

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FET Microphone

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