Blue Mic - Free For All Sale 2014

There has never been a better time
to save on Blue Microphones.

Blue’s Free For All Sale provides 3 ways to get the perfect microphones
for your studio or stage setups.


Buy a Kiwi
Get a Free Robbie Mic Pre

Save $999

Kiwi Multi-Pattern Studio Microphone

The standard for solid state, multi-pattern microphones.

Robbie Mic Pre

Class A discrete tube microphone and instrument preamplifier.

Buy a Bottle Rocket Stage One
Get a free B6 Capsule

Save $599

Bottle Rocket Stage 1

Class A discrete solid state mic with interchangeable capsule system. Includes B8 capsule, for amazing, full frequency recordings.

B6 Capsule

"Larger than life" sound — enhanced lows and high frequency presence.

BUY ANY en•Core
Get One Free

Buy any en•CORE live mic (100, 100i, 200, or 300) and get a second en•CORE mic of the same model for free.

Save Up To $199

en•CORE 100

Studio-Grade Dynamic Performance Microphone.

en•CORE 100i

Studio-Grade Dynamic Instrument Microphone.

en•CORE 200

Rugged and Versatile Active Dynamic Microphone.

en•CORE 300

Flagship Condenser Performance Microphone.