Every Great Performance Deserves an enCORE

enCORE mics offer everything you’ve always wanted and never found in stage mics: lush, vibrant, and punchy studio reproduction with unprecedented clarity, detail and headroom. In short, enCORE is the stage mic that speaks like a studio mic. Don’t settle for popular mics that make you sound like everyone else—pick up an enCORE and let your true voice be heard.

“Encore 100 sounded noticeably richer and fuller and just sounded more natural than the SM58.”

—Pro Sound Web

“Right after the first take, the singer says to me, “Where can I buy one of these mics? This is the way I want my vocals to sound in the monitors live.””

—Mix Magazine on enCORE 100 and 200

“the sound was very similar to some of my large-diaphragm mics.”

—Sound on Sound

“My lead singer said, “these mics just make it easier to sing.””

—Sound On Sound on enCORE 300

“the vocalist commented that his vocal sound was “really nice, like a studio track…””

—Audio Media

“I’d certainly be happy to use this mic in the studio as well as live…”

—Sound on Sound

ARTIST: John Paris with Earth, Wind, & Fire. Live at the L.A. Forum

The Cure for the Common Stage Mic

enCORE mics are built to withstand the rigors of the road. Every durable detail, from the heavy-gauge barrel construction and specially designed reinforced grill, to the hardened metal-plated finish is road-tested by some of the industry’s biggest names. No matter what they’re put through, enCORE mics are always ready for the next performance.

en•CORE 100

Studio-grade handheld dynamic microphone for all-around vocal performances, no matter the application


en•CORE 100i

Studio-grade dynamic instrument microphone perfect for miking instruments, drums and high-volume sources


en•CORE 200

The world’s first studio-grade phantom powered active dynamic microphone


en•CORE 300

Flagship condenser performance microphone for true studio sound on stage