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The Mouse's hand-tuned capsule is specifically designed to capture the thundering lows of bass and baritone vocals and low-end instrument sources. Enclosed within a rotating spherical grille, the capsule can also be positioned and adjusted into the smallest of spaces for applications where versatility is paramount. The Mouse is perfectly suited for kick drums, acoustic bass, electric bass amplifiers, snare drums, broadcast and voiceover work, and any other sources where accurate reproduction of low frequency transients is paramount.

  • Wood box
  • The Shock

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Mouse Kick Snare :: mp3 | wav

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Mouse Kick :: mp3 | wav

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Acoustic Guitar


Bass Guitar with Vintage Fender Bassman


Kick Drum


Kick Drum


Male Vocal





The Pop is a universal windscreen for use with any microphone. Simply clamp it to the mic stand and position where desired. The sturdy wire mesh and frame ensure years of durability.



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