• I own a number of mics, but this one went to the top of my list for the best all-around application, especially stage vocals."

    – a Zzounds customer via Zzounds

  • When I saw this Blue encore 200 I had to try it. I'll go a bit out on limb here but for a vocal mic at this price you cannot afford not to have one. The best sounding hand held I have ever used. Even amateurs will sound pro."

    - Michael DeMichele via Guitar Center

  • I have always wanted to try this mic, and when I did, it was unbelievable."

    – Vin Vee via Musicians Friend

  • The Blue enCORE 200 was by far one of my best purchases. The tight EQ pattern has a stellar quality for male vocals and still portrays female vocals well. I definitely plan on picking up a few more of these to have in the mic locker."

    – Brian Dunn via Sweetwater

  • I was really excited about this microphone before I picked it up and now I'm even more excited since it's been on the road with me. The enCORE 300 is excellently suited for loud female vocals and gives a warmth while still cutting through the mix. "

    –Brian Dunn via Sweetwater

  • I really love this microphone. I am amazed at how naturally this mic reproduces vocal sound with flat EQ out of the box."

    – Matt Kofahl via Sweetwater

  • The 300 is crystal clear and noise free no matter how hard I push it with high gain and volume settings. I love it."

    –H F Mudd via BHPhoto.com

  • What a microphone. Had no experience with Blue but kept reading good things. Replaced an SM58 with the Blue and was beyond pleased. No feedback, tremendous clarity and warmth. I have to crank my 58 to get half the overall sound that the 200 produces at low levels and almost invariably the feedback would kick in."

    – Punydevil via Musician’s Friend

  • I was hugely impressed with the dexterity of the 100's vocal warmth and definition…"

    – Will James via ProSoundNetwork

  • Let's just say this: the Blue enCORE 100i is the first microphone I’ve ever regularly chosen OVER the SM57, in ‘SM57’ typical applications, namely, snare drum top and electric guitar cab."

    - Mike FFG via Gearslutz

  • This isn't a subtle difference from an SM58. It clearly is a superior mic in look and sound."

    - Josh via Guitar Center

  • We own both the Shure SM58 and now the Blue enCORE 100 and I can tell you I haven’t touched the SM58 since purchasing the enCORE!!!"

    –  Robert  Jeffers III via Musicians Friend

  • I am completely blown away by the sound of these mics. Much cleaner, crisper and more present in the mix than the Shures I am so familiar with."

    - RazorLand Studio via Sweetwater.com

  • I recommend this mic for anyone who wants to mic guitar cabinets."

    - Mark Millan via Guitar Center

Welcome to the en·CORE line of studio-grade handheld microphones, the en·CORE 100, 100i, 200, and 300. All of the knowledge, craftsmanship and innovative technology we've poured into our high-end studio microphones has now been transferred to the stage. Designed to deliver exceptional all-around performance and capture your unique, individual sound, the en·CORE mics combine beauty and ruggedness into one perfect instrument.

  • A studio-grade dynamic that delivers natural vocals, balanced highs, and amazing detail and clarity, making it an incredibly versatile tool for live performance as well as studio and broadcasting applications.

  • A studio-grade dynamic instrument mic that utilizes a new dynamic capsule with a custom-tuned diaphragm designed specifically to provide a tighter polar pattern perfect for miking instruments and other sources requiring high isolation.

  • Blue's Proprietary Active Dynamic Circuit gives this mic a consistent performance no matter the cable length, making it the perfect instrument for any vocal application as well as many instruments.

  • The flagship condenser performance microphone with a hand-selected and tuned condenser capsule for an open, detailed, and present sound. Its custom-designed phantom power circuit provides a rapid and powerful sound that is an ideal match for powerful vocals.