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The en·CORE 300 is the flagship condenser performance microphone in the en·CORE series with its roots in Blue's legendary tuned condenser studio microphones. The en·CORE 300's Condenser Capsule is hand-selected and tuned for an open, detailed and present sound that is as well-suited to the stage as it is the studio. Blue's engineers matched the capsule to a custom-designed phantom power circuit, which together provide a rapid and powerful sound that is an ideal match for powerful vocals. The en·CORE 300's unique reinforced chassis design mounts the capsule for optimal performance and isolation from handling noise, while providing vault-like protection for the capsule to ensure years of breathtaking performances.

  • Hand-selected condenser capsule tuned for stunning detail and powerful vocals
  • Innovative reinforced chasis to protect the capsule while allowing maximum airflow for smooth, open sound
  • Blue's proprietary phantom power circuit delivers consistent tone and minimal noise
  • Cardioid polar pattern delivers substantial off-axis noise rejection while maintaining presence
  • Blue's proprietary floating capsule mount delivers high capsule isolation and minimal handling noise without pads or filters
  • Stage-ready with heavy-gauge barrel construction and hardened metal-plated finishes
  • Unique styling and craftsmanship, including hand-painted, backlit logo, laser-engraved trim ring and CNC-machined grip and reinforced chassis
  • Includes soft-grip microphone clip and soft-lined storage pouch

The en•CORE 300 has taken to the stage and the audience has spoken...


"The overall sound is very smooth with a solid low-frequency response… The cardioid pickup pattern provides good side and rear rejection and tonally drops off smoothly at the sides." Go
"...the windscreen is designed so that, no matter how you hold it, it's nearly impossible to 'cup the mic' to the point of severe frequency response degradation. Believe me, I tried... For that reason, engineers will be happy to let those performers that grip mics in that manner do their thing, as they can still provide the audience with a surprisingly full, crisp vocal." Go
"Blue says the 300 is voiced for 'open, detailed, and present sound' and I found just that – all the power and gain of a good studio condenser, but definitely tuned to enhance the 1 to 2kHz range necessary to punch through ... without sounding tinny or thin." Go
"After one sound check, the vocalist commented that his vocal sound 'really nice, like a studio track' ... I agreed, too; having a condenser available for at least lead vocal in a live setting adds that special sparkle and aural spotlight to the most crucial element of a live mix." Go
"...if you tend to work across the studio and live divide but demand studio-quality audio, the en•CORE 300 is a very attractive proposition." Go
"Engineers will also love the en•CORE 300's high output levels... The radical chassis makes it almost impossible to alter the capsule's sound in this way, effectively eliminating the problem for live engineers and ultimately ensuring that singers sound their best in performance." Go
"Like any good live mic, the 300 has a tight pickup pattern that minimizes feedback and exhibits little handling noise or change in sound, even if the mic is gripped near its head." Go
"Estuve sorprendido con la claridad del sonido. Los agudos sonaron muy nítidos y la presencia sonora en general fue de primera." Go




All manuals are downloadable in Acrobat PDF format.


en·CORE 300 Manual   ::   English

en·CORE 300 Manual   ::   French


"Best handheld condenser we have ever used. We have been using the Shure Beta mics and the Blue beats it hands down. You can't go wrong with this mic." - Steve Williams via Sweetwater

"The Blue cut through with such clarity that the other mics sounded inferior. Result...all members of the band are looking at buying the Blue." - a Zzounds enCORE 300 customer

"This mic is amazing. No feedback or distortion even with live sound, yet vocals are loud and clear. I liked it so much I bought a second one." - Sus via Amazon

"Excellent microphone - superior clarity! From the first time our church used the Encore 300 microphone, the clarity and crispness it provided was far beyond any other mic we've ever used." - Julie via B&H

"A really nice sounding mic that will make your mixing easier and will make (your) singers more comfortable. We loved so much we have begun replacing all our other handheld mics." - Q via Sweetwater

"I own a number of mics, but this one went to the top of my list for the best all-around application, especially stage vocals." - a Zzounds customer

"I've went looking for a condenser mic that had a tight pattern that would still pick up but give little feedback. After plugging it in, I couldn't believe how much gain and control I had over his vocals." - JW via Sweetwater

"I've been a working musician for almost 40 years and this is the best vocal microphone I have ever owned. It rivals, in live performance, some of the best studio recording mics." - Mr Bassman via Amazon

"The added gain and the presence bump really help you feel like you're working with the mic, not against it, to be heard." - Eric via Sweetwater

"The 300 is crystal clear and noise free no matter how hard I push it with high gain and volume settings. I love it." - H F Mudd via BHPhoto.com

"Frankly, everyone who sings through a P/A should have this mic. It is the best hand held stage mic for under $900, and at $200, get them while they are priced this low." - a Zzounds customer

"As soon as we got it out of the box, hooked up, and powered up ... we were all blown away. Even the backup singers wanted to try it out." - iaopres via Musician’s Friend

"Blue is certainly going to give the industry standards a run for their money." - Jonathan via Sweetwater

"I own a number of mics, but this one went to the top of my list for the best all-around application, especially stage vocals." - a Zzounds customer

"These mics sounded fantastic on everything. The festival organizers loved the result, and I actually had four or five attendees stop by to compliment me on the richly detailed sound I got from the performers (confession: I'm afraid I took all the credit)" - Bill Manning via Amazon

"This mic reproduces my voice in a more natural and transparent way, and has very low handling-noise. Just killer…" - Mat Tomlinson via Sweetwater

"I was really excited about this microphone before I picked it up and now I'm even more excited since it's been on the road with me. The enCORE 300 is excellently suited for loud female vocals and gives a warmth while still cutting through the mix. " - Brian Dunn via Sweetwater

"The sound was just amazing. I've always looked to NPR for sound broadcast quality. With this microphone, I found it." - Steve Hrbek via Sweetwater