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Everything we've learned from years of building the world's best studio recording microphones has gone into the en·CORE 200, a studio-grade handheld dynamic microphone designed to deliver exceptional all-around performance, no matter what your application.

The enCORE 200's proprietary dynamic capsule is specially tuned by Blue's capsule engineers to deliver natural vocals, balanced highs, and amazing detail and clarity, with electronically transformed output to provide remarkably high gain. Coupled with Blue's Active Dynamic phantom power circuit, the enCORE 200 is an incredibly versatile tool for live performance as well as studio and broadcasting applications, providing consistent tone and low noise in any setup.

  • Proprietary Dynamic Capsule tuned for natural vocals and amazing detail and clarity
  • Cardioid polar pattern delivers impressive off-axis rejection even at high volumes
  • Blue's proprietary capsule mount delivers minimal handling noise without pads and filters
  • Stage-ready construction with heavy-gauge barrel construction, reinforced grill, and hardened metal-plated finishes
  • Unique styling and craftsmanship, including hand-painted logo, laser-engraved trim ring and CNC-machined grip. Includes soft-grip microphone clip and soft-lined storage pouch

  • Phantom powering dynamic capsule gives us the rugged durability of a dynamic with the benefits of an active circuit onboard, namely consistent sound across different setups and cable runs
  • Very low key and yet amazingly cool indicator light on back of mic to indicate phantom power is active
  • The active dynamic setup also allows the output to be electronically transformed, giving the user over 4 dB of extra output gain on the en·CORE 200


The en•CORE 200 has taken to the stage and the audience has spoken...


"The overall sound is very smooth with a solid low-frequency response… The cardioid pickup pattern provides good side and rear rejection and tonally drops off smoothly at the sides." Go
"I have compared it to various other vocal mics, even condensers, and found it to be among the smoothest I have heard… I give these microphones my highest recommendation. It's clear: Blue does live microphones right." Go
"My lead singer said after using both of these mics, 'these mics just make it easier to sing.' When I probed for what he meant by that, he basically said that he felt like he didn't have to work as hard to get the nuances in his vocal parts to come through." Go
"The 200 Series in particular had a nice warm, deep sound on the low end and a clear sound to it on the high end, almost like a condenser." Go
"It was easy to position the en•COREs to reject feedback (not the case with another mic we tried at the same gig). More important: the sound was crisp and clear for both the band and the crowd (I asked). To me, if the en•COREs performed well at that roadhouse, they'll handle anything." Go




All manuals are downloadable in Acrobat PDF format.


en·CORE 200 Manual   ::   English

en·CORE 200 Manual   ::   French

Male Vocal


Kick Drum


Snare Drum and Floor Tom-Toms


Female Vocal



"I used to use a Shure SM 58 for my live vocals, but this mic blows it out of the water. The sound is so crisp and clear and I have had no problems with feedback at all." - Bryan via Sweetwater

"Yes, it’s a dynamic mic that uses Phantom Power and that confuses people. But once you hook it up, you'll get it. It sounds like you're singing into headphones in a studio." - Punydevil via Musician’s Friend

"This mic is really an awesome choice for a performing vocalist, I HIGHLY recommend it!" - Ryo Asanoon

"This mic has taken the group I play with to the next level because of the sound quality." - Bryan via Sweetwater

"I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of this mic. My preliminary test confirmed that this was a significant improvement over my old mic (EV N/D257B.) The nuances are there and it seemed "rich and warm." - knifemakerj via Musician’s Friend

"I purchased 4-enCORE 200's. I am very satisfied with their performance. They offer a very clear top end and do not have the @250Hz wooliness of the "standard" mic." - Greg Bass via Amazon

"I have been using the Shure SM58S for years and it has proven to be road worthy. However, with my sound system once I switched to the Blue enCORE 200 I heard what I had been missing. I purchased two enCORE 200’s and at this price you just can't go wrong." - Keith via Sweetwater

"This mic is very well built -- higher quality than other similar value mics. The sound is very true and consistent across the low and high range. It does not seem to add any coloration to one's voice. Great clarity and dynamic." - Doca via Guitar Center

"Everything with this mic was amazing. This mic is amazing. I went from using the Shure SM 58, but this blows it out of the water." - Bryan Kiefer via Musician’s Friend

"It's been a challenge to get my voice in the front of the house. My rep, Luke Herrian, suggested this mic. I was blown away. This is awesome and my sound guy now loves me again. If you need clarity and vocals brought to the front, this mic will do it." - Arron Daniels via Sweetwater

"I like it much better than the 58a and the Rode. It’s very smooth and detailed and eliminates the slight grainy quality I hear with the 58a" - Panda Paws via Musician’s Friend

"The Blue enCORE 200 was by far one of my best purchases. The tight EQ pattern has a stellar quality for male vocals and still portrays female vocals well. I definitely plan on picking up a few more of these to have in the mic locker." - Brian Dunn via Sweetwater

"What a microphone. Had no experience with Blue but kept reading good things. Replaced an SM58 with the Blue and was beyond pleased. No feedback, tremendous clarity and warmth. I have to crank my 58 to get half the overall sound that the 200 produces at low levels and almost invariably the feedback would kick in." - Punydevil via Musician’s Friend

"When I saw this Blue encore 200 I had to try it. I'll go a bit out on limb here but for a vocal mic at this price you cannot afford not to have one. The best sounding hand held I have ever used. Even amateurs will sound pro." - Michael DeMichele via Guitar Center

"I was apprehensive about a dynamic mic that requires phantom power but after using it on several gigs I would never go back to my SM58." - Jim Maidlow via Sweetwater

"I used the 200 last night; and everyone noticed a complete difference. What's the "difference"? I took it right out of the box, and ran it flat on the board all night. No feedback, no hassle…" - Superboogie via Musician’s Friend

"The phantom powered processor really adds a shimmer to the vocal that my Shures did not possess. This mic is worth your money." - Chris via Sweetwater

"The guys at GC let me hook it up on their massive p.a. to hear the difference. First the encore 200 vs. the sm58, not even close. Way more open sounding and much clearer, against the beta 58 & 57, same result, and finally against my prior fave, the Audix line. From the om2 and up, still no match. Even better than the Sennheiser 9 series. Just pick one up, the best bang for buck on the market, hands down." - a Musician’s Friend customer

"These have replaced our SM58s. Worship team love it and so is our sound engineer" - en76 via Sweetwater

"I've had this mic for about a week now and still can't get over how great it sounds. I was singing through an AKG D5 and thought that sounded good, better than my old sm58. Now I have the Blue Encore 200, I can't think of what the other mics might be good for (fishing weights?) I don't know" - Little john-18SCZ

"I've used a Shure Beta 87A and a Beta 58. And this mic takes the cake." - Chris via Sweetwater

"A GC tech recommended this mic over an SM-58 or an EV-967, have to admit I was skeptical but decided to give it a try. Well - I was wrong to be skeptical. Feels solid, looks great, very warm, clear, clean, crisp vocals that surprised me. I had no intention of purchasing a Blue stage mic but as it turns out it was a great choice. I would put this mic in the "best for the price" category." - B-string via Musician’s Friend

"The female singer in my band had been using a sm58. we switched her to this mic and the best description I can offer is that it sounded as if the tweeters in the P.A. speakers were non-existent w/the 58 in comparison to the Blue 200. Think, VHS vs. blue-ray. Quite simply more of everything." - steve o via Sweetwater

"I'm a professional musician with 40 years of touring experience and I found this mic to be one of the very best I've ever purchased. The clarity and fullness of voice is unsurpassed at the price. I work with 2 fantastic vocalists and both were amazed at the presence and nuances that come from the Encore 200. The feedback rejection is excellent, as a matter of fact so good that I bought another Encore 200 a few days after trying this one." - J J VIBRATO via Amazon

"I can sing close to the Blue and get the enhanced sound from doing so without overwhelming the mic. But it adds a great deal of dimension that the SM58 never could. It makes me sound like an almost decent singer. I highly recommend this mic; you will not be disappointed." - Stuart Berr via Sweetwater

"Sound absolutely great for singers with strong, powerful voices as well as those with less powerful voices. I didn't think getting these mics would make as much difference as it did. The SM58s are now sidelined since getting these mics." - Benjamin Gray via Sweetwater

"We purchased 4 of these for our small church and we love them. I have a Shure Beta 87A that I love. I was surprised to find that this mic, the Blue enCORE 200 is very similar in quality, sound, and feel. My likes: sound quality is great; solid feel to it; unique look; picks up from a quite a distance." - Sarion via Guitar Center

"I took them into a studio and ran them against an SM58 just to see how different they were without getting the whole setup out. Man was I amazed!" - Jim via Sweetwater

"Previously, we'd been using some fairly high end mics touted as broadcast quality. While I can't fault them for quality, the voice through the enCORE needed no tweaking to get that rich sound people love to hear." - Mitch Small via Sweetwater

"This mic has eliminated all of the harshness of the 58 and sounds to me like it has a broader frequency range." - Jim Maidlow via Sweetwater

"I bought three of these mics. All of the people who sing with me are [switching] to them from the beta 58 they were using." - Lynn via Sweetwater

"Very clean studio-like sound, excellent." - Jimon via Guitar Center

"Previously, I used either AKG C900 or AKG C1000 for non-studio recording. No more. The enCore 200 is now my preferred microphone" - Mitchell Small via Sweetwater