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The en·CORE 100i utilizes a new dynamic capsule with a custom-tuned diaphragm designed specifically to provide a tighter polar pattern perfect for miking instruments and other sources requiring high isolation. A custom circuit with transformer optimizes frequency response for use with drums and amplified instruments and vocals, while a specially-designed grille provides protection from instrument strikes and facilitates mounting in tight spaces, making the en·CORE 100i a versatile addition to the en·CORE family.

  • Studio-Grade Dynamic Instrument Microphone
  • Specially-designed and tuned capsule with custom diaphragm, venting design, and coil windings
  • Custom-tuned acoustic circuit with transformer
  • Tuned-volume, low profile grille with integrated vents
  • Rugged construction with reinforced grille and integrated guard ring to protect against instrument hits
  • Bright chrome unibody grill with laser-engraving & custom-painted logo
  • Matte grey, smooth finish barrel for low profile mounting
  • Includes soft-grip microphone clip and soft-lined storage pouch




The en•CORE 100i has taken to the stage and the audience has spoken...


"Simply, the Blue 100i sounds killer on just about everything. It's one of those new breeds of dynamic microphones that could easily replace small-diaphragm condenser microphones on some applications, thanks to its stellar high-frequency response and articulate, detailed mid-range." Go
"The overall sound is very smooth with a solid low-frequency response… The cardioid pickup pattern provides good side and rear rejection and tonally drops off smoothly at the sides." Go

All manuals are downloadable in Acrobat PDF format.


en·CORE 100i Manual   ::   English

en·CORE 100i Manual   ::   French


"This is a great mic for instrument recording and all around use." - Michael J. Padrutt via Sweetwater

"I recommend this mic for anyone who wants to mic guitar cabinets." - Mark Millan via Guitar Center

"Picks up my vocals whether close to the mic or from a distance. Highly Recommended." - Barry via Guitar Center

"I mic'd my Martin acoustic guitar with this thing and had tremendous results." - LIVE-StudioSound-MAN via Amazon

"A great alternative to the SM57!" - Mike FFG via Gearslutz

"Let’s just say this: the Blue enCORE 100i is the first microphone I’ve ever regularly chosen OVER the SM57, in ‘SM57’ typical applications, namely, snare drum top and electric guitar cab." - Mike FFG via Gearslutz

"Blue Microphones has certainly scored a home run with their new Blue 100i instrument mic." - Joe Shambro via About.com

"Used it on a live recording for vocals and it shines like no other." - Chris Hendrix via Sweetwater

"The Blue Encore 100i is a great, attractive microphone that, at its price point, most definitely offers something different and a different flavor from the more forward, can't be tamed SM57. So go try it!" - an Audiofanzine fan

"However affordable, the Blue 100i offers stellar performance on just about everything, easily replacing many of the old industry standard microphones." - Joe Shambro via About.com

"All I can say is that my guitar sounds like it does live on my recordings and it’s pretty awesome." - a Sweetwater customer