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Everything we've learned from years of building the world's best studio recording microphones has gone into the en•CORE 100, a studio-grade handheld dynamic microphone designed to deliver exceptional all-around performance, no matter what your application.

The en•CORE 100's Proprietary Dynamic Capsule is specially tuned by Blue's capsule engineers to deliver natural vocals, balanced highs, and amazing detail and clarity, making it an incredibly versatile tool for live performance as well as studio and broadcasting applications. The unique, durable finishes and high quality craftsmanship, guarantee your en•CORE mic will deliver the performance of a lifetime, for a lifetime of performances.

  • Proprietary Dynamic Capsule tuned for natural vocals and amazing detail and clarity
  • Cardioid polar pattern delivers impressive off-axis rejection even at high volumes
  • Blue's proprietary capsule mount delivers minimal handling noise without pads and filters
  • Stage-ready construction with heavy-gauge barrel construction, reinforced grill, and hardened metal-plated finishes
  • Unique styling and craftsmanship, including hand-painted logo, laser-engraved trim ring and CNC-machined grip
  • Includes soft-grip microphone clip and soft-lined storage pouch

  • Custom tuned diaphragm
  • Rubber mount and coil weight to lower handling noise
  • Internal copper windings custom wound to Blue's stringent spec for optimal frequency response


The en•CORE 100 has taken to the stage and the audience has spoken...


"The price point makes it a good vocal mic to have in situations when multiples are needed. You get good-sounding mics, yet they won't break the bank." Go
"I was hugely impressed with the dexterity of the 100's vocal warmth and definition... I give these microphones my highest recommendation. It's clear: Blue does live microphones right." Go
"My first impression of the en•CORE 100 was that it sounded noticeably richer and fuller and just sounded more natural than the SM58." Go
"These mics are specially tuned for vocals, but work beautifully with instruments as well. A comparison between the typical house mics and the Blue mics found the Blue's to have a more natural, smooth sound." Go
"Calling the en•CORE mics 'ruggedly constructed' is like saying a race-breed Porsche 911 GT3 is a 'sporty' car… something I discovered in the field when the mic stand got knocked over (oh those blues bar gigs!) and the grille suffered nary a dent." Go




All manuals are downloadable in Acrobat PDF format.


en·CORE 100 Manual   ::   English

en·CORE 100 Manual   ::   French

Snare Drum


Snare Drum



"My first impression of the enCORE 100 was that it sounded noticeably richer and fuller and just sounded more natural than the SM58." -Dan Johnson via ProSoundWeb

"I have always wanted to try this mic, and when I did, it was unbelievable."Vin Vee via Musicians Friend

"I have an encore 100 and 200. SM58-ish but with more clarity. I dig them."- G-String via Gearslutz

"I am completely blown away by the sound of these mics. Much cleaner, crisper and more present in the mix than the Shures I am so familiar with." - RazorLand Studio via Sweetwater.com

"I bought two enCORE 100s and I love the sound quality and design." - Alex Reznichenko via Sweetwater

"I use a Shure SM58 at church during worship, but this mic blows it away." - Anthony Johnson Jr via Musicians Friend

"Clarity is superb and the construction is high quality for the price." - B.R. via Guitar Center

"This isn't a subtle difference from an SM58. It clearly is a superior mic in look and sound. " - Josh via Guitar Center

"I was hugely impressed with the dexterity of the 100's vocal warmth and definition…" - Will James via ProSoundWeb

"I am about to buy another one for a second mic." - a Best Buy customer

"Love this mic. Had a SM58 for 25 years - can't complain - but this Blue has superior sound definition and is built like a tank. It looks cool, too!" - Jake via Musicians Friend

"This Blue Microphones enCORE 100 pleasantly surprised me. It was more sensitive than the Shure and boasted a brighter and crisper sound." - Pundit via Amazon

"This is a perfect mic for live recordings, and overall just amazing in my book." - Brian via Sweetwater

"We own both the Shure SM58 and now the Blue enCORE 100 and I can tell you I haven’t touched the SM58 since purchasing the enCORE!!!" - Robert Jeffers III via Musicians Friend

"If you are looking for a very decent ‘first’ microphone for vocals, you shouldn't go wrong with the enCORE 100." - Bobby W via Amazon

"Love the look, but also love the way it sounds. I purchased the 100 and have been using it for about a year for live performance. Our band has a full complement of SM58's, like most folks. The Blue gives my vocals a more rounded bottom end, and at the same time, a more lively overall sound than the SM58's. It has a very open top end and is quite smooth, but detailed." - Gary via Musicians Friend

"Before you buy the 58, give this a look." - a zZounds customer

"I highly recommend the Blue enCORE 100. I think I'm now a Blue fan!" - Lamonte Weide via Amazon

"Wow doesn't say enough. This is one really super nice microphone. The fit and finish is of the highest level of craftsmanship and quality. I was just floored when I received this mic. Then came the putting it to work and the sound reproduction quality. It is smooth and clear, crisp and true." - Stone Throbone via Amazon

"I really love this microphone. I am amazed at how naturally this mic reproduces vocal sound with flat EQ out of the box." - Matt Kofahl via Sweetwater

"Being more than impressed with the 'Blue Spark' microphone that I bought for my home studio, I decided to try the encore 100 for live performance use. I am really glad I did. This microphone is a five star product in every aspect. Cosmetically beautiful and sonically amazing, this microphone is made to be extremely durable and its weight feels very substantial in the hand." - Nassaw via Amazon

"This mic turned out to be a handy tool to have in the mic locker! I think I'll be purchasing a few more of these gems!" - Scotty Tunes via Sweetwater

"The construction is very sturdy. It’s built like an old Buick, but looks like a Corvette. It has a truly been a joy using it and based on experience over a year, I'm considering adding an Encore 300 in the future." - Gary via Musicians Friend