unique capsule technology precision electronic construction inspiring design intuitive simplicity

unique capsule technology

  • Capsule design.

    Behind every hit record is a great song. Like a song is to music, the capsule is the foundation of every great microphone. The core belief at Blue Microphones is that great sound originates in the design and manufacturing of the capsule; this is the reason why each of our professional microphones utilizes its own proprietary design. Blue's unique 'tunable' backplate enables us to dial-in each capsule to precisely capture a specific sonic signature, resulting in great recordings every time that require little, if any, post production assistance.

  • Proprietary mylar.

    Blue's focus on capsule design extends all the way to the materials and manufacturing standards necessary to achieve the results required by Blue's engineers. To create a capsule capable of capturing the emotion and intensity of any recording, Blue's engineers have developed a proprietary mylar formulation, which is 'sputtered' with a custom-specified alloy coating. This unique capsule film is then mated to precision-milled backplates that are produced to Blue's exacting quality specifications. The result is outstanding musicality and utterly consistent performance.

  • Bottle Caps System.

    Blue has perfected the interchangeable capsule system first popularized on our flagship Bottle Microphone. The Bottle Caps concept allows for a simple, rapid change of the microphone capsule, allowing the recordist to achieve a tremendous range of tonal characteristics out of a single microphone setup, achieving the best results possible in a minimal amount of time. The system consists of nine interchangeable capsules, each offering the recordist a different tonal characteristic and polar pattern. From airy highs to larger-than-life lows, the Bottle Caps can capture anything from vocal to bass, wind instruments to horns, and everything in between, with a level of detail and clarity that defines the new standard of recording in the digital age.

precision electronic construction (PEC)

  • Discrete Electronic Components.

    Our professional microphones receive the highest quality electrical components that can be sourced from around the world. Many are specially constructed for us, oftentimes at an expense exponentially higher than that of components used in other microphones. These selections are the result of more than 20 years of engineering and experimentation and represent an investment in quality that increases microphone speed, decreases distortion, reduces product variance, and creates lasting reliability. When the sum of these components is coupled with our remarkable capsules, they create a sound that is years ahead of the competition, and a sound that will last for years to come.

  • Hand-wound transformers.

    Sometimes you just have to do it yourself to do it right. Our engineers specified the ideal transformers for use in each professional microphone but couldn't find anyone capable of producing them. As a result, we hand-wind each of our transformers in Europe, using the company's unique bi-filar winding and the highest quality copper cabling and lamination to deliver optimum inductance and capacitance specifications. The result is a transformer perfectly tailored to each microphone circuit, delivering the remarkable electrical performance that leads to great sound.

  • Powerstream Power Supplies.

    A microphone can only be as good as the power supply you provide for it. To provide Blue's premium professional microphones with the very best, we utilize our dedicated and custom-designed outboard Powerstream Power Supply to provide the cleanest, most consistent power to the microphone circuits. Each Powerstream is handbuilt and tested in the U.S.A., using high quality components and custom-wound transformers. The Powerstream features Blue's Slow-Start technology (which gently warms the microphone's vacuum tube to prolong tube life and maximize the tube's performance), as well as built in short and overload protection to safeguard your microphone investment and provide years of enjoyment.

  • Tubes.

    No audio application demands higher tube quality than microphone pre-amplification. For this reason, Blue maintains an exclusive relationship with a European tube manufacturer and has the first pick of each production run, hand-selecting and testing each and every tube to find those that will provide the lowest possible noise and best sonic performance in the microphone amplifier. After selection, this critical component goes through a rigorous burn-in process (using specialized equipment developed by Blue's engineers) to ensure the stability needed in today's recording environment, and an optimal performance match for Blue's proprietary capsules.

  • Cleanest Path Possible.

    The key to attaining audio perfection is to create the purest signal path possible. To deliver the cleanest audio path, there are no pads or filters between the capsule and microphone circuit in any Blue Microphone. Manufacturers and microphone designs of the past were bound by the constraints of the analog and vinyl recording process, requiring filters and pads to compensate for the poor dynamic range inherent to the equipment of the time. Blue Microphones are instead designed to harness the full bandwidth of digital audio technology, combining the presence and feel of the finest vintage microphones without suppressing the most emotive aspects of the audible spectrum or the detail of modern recording.

inspiring design for all the senses

  • Inspiration from old and new.

    Creating something truly new requires inspiration. At Blue we find that inspiration in the designs, products, and traditions of the past, present and future. From their unique finishes, artful details, or daring industrial designs, each of our products is intended to inspire the artist that uses them. We believe that a great tool should do more than just 'work' - it should inspire you.

  • Craftsmanship.

    Every Blue product should look and feel as good as it sounds. You can feel it in the weight of our precision- machined assemblies or the remarkably tight fit of each component, you can see it in the remarkable textures and flawless plating of our microphone bodies, and you can appreciate it in the craftsmanship that goes in to the manufacture of all of our products, both at our assembly operations in the United States and our dedicated facilities around the world.

intuitive simplicity

  • Practical Tools.

    The starting point for any Blue Microphones design is to make our microphones as practical as they are beautiful. Prevalent in many aspects of our products - from rotating heads to optimize capsule placement quickly and easily, hot-swappable capsule heads, incredibly durable finishes, or compact design for traveling musicians - Blue utilizes all aspects of the company's technical and recording experience to create microphones that are exactly what is needed in a modern recording environment.

  • Rethinking the feature set.

    Many manufacturers pack their products with features that add complication and confusion, or, worse, degrade quality. We felt that time spent setting up and manipulating the audio spectrum (EQing and processing) was time stolen from the magic of recording music. This practical sensibility is built into every Blue microphone. Our microphones are designed to shorten the path from inspiration to great recording, simplifying the process with application-specific capsule designs that sound great the first time and the features that make our microphones as inspirational and intuitive to use as they are powerful.

  • Driverless Technology.

    Each of Blue's unique USB audio products are designed to combine exceptional performance with simplicity uncommon to today's computer accessories. Blue's engineers design all of our products to deliver a great experience, the first time out of the box, without any complicated drivers or detailed installation steps. As a result, we design our products to be true Plug & Play, with components and built-in firmware developed to be compatible with your system, so that you can spend more time creating, sharing, and enjoying exceptional digital audio.