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The Baby Bottle’s unique sonic signature has a rich and present midrange response, a smooth top-end and neutral bottom-end creating an extremely present classic and contemporary sound. It is an ideal choice for recording vocals, room mixing for drums, electric guitar amps, and difficult brass instrument sources like saxophones and horns. With a unique proprietary circuit polarizing the capsule film at 100 volts, the Baby Bottle yields large output, creating the quietest microphone in its class.

  • Wood box
  • S3 Shock
  • Custom pop filter

There's just no way to pacify the cries for Baby Bottle...


"If you are in the market for a good, general-purpose large-diaphragm cardioid mic, and you want something that stands out from the crowd, I would recommend the Blue Baby Bottle without hesitation." Go
"Compared to the 87s, the Baby Bottles sounded more natural and less peaky-- and a boatload louder. The Baby Bottles were full, present, and smooth sounding; in comparison, the U87s sounded somewhat artificial on some voices." Go
"Sonically, the Baby Bottle has a very full, rich sound, with a little bump (at approximately 2kHz) that slightly emphasizes upper mids." Go



All manuals are downloadable in Acrobat PDF format.


Baby Bottle Manual   ::   English

Baby Bottle Acoustic Guitar :: mp3 | wav

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Baby Bottle Female Vocal :: mp3 | wav

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Baby Bottle Saxophone :: mp3 | wav

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Acoustic Guitar in stereo with Bottle Rocket Stage One with B3 capsule



The Pop is a universal windscreen for use with any microphone. Simply clamp it to the mic stand and position where desired. The sturdy wire mesh and frame ensure years of durability.



22-AWG high-fidelity cable highlights the neutral presence of a mic, with an extended high and frequency response. Recommended for use with the Baby Bottle, Bluebird and Blueberry mics.



Spider shockmount for use with Blue's Bottle Rocket Stage 1, Bottle Rocket Stage 2, Kiwi, Baby Bottle, Bluebird, and Spark mics. Isolates mic from stand vibration and protects mic capsule from shock, while built-in thumbscrew assembly allows easy positioning.



The Icicle is Blue's stylish USB converter and mic preamp combo that allows you to connect any XLR microphone directly to your computer via USB.